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hqdefaultThe Empowerment Hour Online University (Archives)

As Eady Associates continues to work with Black communities around the globe, it focuses heavily on economic and business development, which leads to the empowerment of Black people throughout the Diaspora. No matter what your cause, i.e. police brutality , your child’s education, health care, job opportunities, affordable housing development, etc. , Please see your cause as one that when properly defined is tied into the economic survival of Black people. Our survival, development and growth are dependent upon you and your agenda, and it must be seen with independence as its primary focus. Remember, all causes are a part of an economic thrust which when properly implemented will lead to the empowerment our people. Without vision and properly prioritizing and implementing our strategy, people in Africa and throughout the Diaspora will not have power, and without power, there will be no freedom. It is from this prospective that Eady Associates announces the Weekly Internet Radio Program, Titled The Empowerment Hour Online University. Tune in 24/7 to listen to the archives of this powerful program.